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We produce wire bent details and offer a wide range of post processing and assembly services. Read about our production capacity below and please contact us if you want to know more.

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Production capacity

ABL offers complete solutions with wire bending at the center of the business and various forms of post-processing and assembly work that will give you a whole. We deliver to the furniture industry and construction sector across Scandinavia, and our resource-efficient and wide-ranging production saves time and solves problems for all our clients today.

We perform wire bending in CNC-controlled machines with efficient programming. This gives us the flexibility to cope with both small and large production ranges. And everything from simple to very complex details. Projects start with adjustments at the drawing stage to get as efficient production of your details as possible. We can then offer you everything from the production of you parts to assembly and packaging.



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Tel: +46 371-182 05 | Mail: order@abltrad.se
Adress: Hantverkargatan 50, 334 31 Anderstorp